My mother, although multi-talented, had an aversion to the kitchen and has often said that I learned to cook at an early age “out of self-defense.” When she made chicken à l'orange by smearing a chicken with powdered Tang, I quickly developed a necessary passion for creating tasty things to eat. Somewhere in the family photograph album is a picture of me at the stove, age ten, happily stirring marinara sauce.

I developed a lifelong fascination with food; good food. There was even a foray of working as a chef’s assistant at a French restaurant during my mid twenties, just for fun. I had always loved watching Julia Child and knew that Mastering the Art of French Cooking was to be revered. It wasn’t until I read her biography (long before the Julie & Julia movie) that I really became fascinated with her work. From that book, I decided to prepare her recipe for mayonnaise.

Upon tasting it, I wept. . . .

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Kitchen Improvements

Recently, I got the idea of installing pegboard on one of my kitchen walls when I saw a photo of Julia's kitchen. She liked to have all her pots and pans organized and within easy reach. Being six-foot-two, this really came in handy. Here is her kitchen:

So, I was able to find red, metal pegboard online and went to work.
Here are the results:

As you can see, I quickly filled it up.
So, I placed another order, doubling the capacity:

What a difference it makes to have everything within easy reach!
(By the way, the stock pot at the very top belonged to my grandmother and is over 50 years old.)

Now that a lot of the lower cabinet space has been freed up, I'm having a dishwasher installed. They don't make them in Harvest Gold anymore. Imagine that?

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